Ahoy! Welcome to Noth.

Noth is technically a Post-Apocalyptic setting, but think of it as a Post-Traumatic setting. The world, Loa, is certainly recovering from a major event but reconstruction has been taking place for decades now.

Noth is a very ‘Low-Magic’ setting. What magic is available is usually mundane & not beneficial to direct combat. Within the ruins of the world players might discover formulas for ancient, fargone powerful spells but anything of that sort has been lost in recent time. Loa is a world with seemingly apathetic gods & is noticeably absent of several of the Humanoid creatures familiar to standard Campaign Settings. The game is intended to be more survival & role-playing than kicking in the door for fisticuffs. Similar to the work of H.P. Lovecraft, players will find their chances of survival are greatly increased by thinking of creative ways around combat rather than diving in.

For those still interested in the details of this campaign, I invite you to read a little about the world.