A secret passage, and it goes all the way to the Conservatory!


Our party has escaped a prison through a sewage line feeding out to a river with the captured Vermez joining them. They followed the directions given to them by Marcus Friar to his own mansion when several unexpected turns of events took place. Vermez immediately took leave of them & took it upon himself to relieve the players of their modest gear they retrieved from the prison.

Friar had also done something unexpected; he had hired & placed mercenaries along the perimeter of his mansion. This was agonizing to the party at first, to have come to the goal yet find a moderate inconvenience directly in the path. Eventually Nale created a lighting display that completely entranced two of the guards which gave him time to conjure a thick cloud of noxious fumes around them, leaving them blind & eventually, high as kites from exposure. As they charged for the cellar door another surprise made itself known- in addition to guardsmen there were also guarddogs. This dog was mean, vicious & hungry for meat. Things looked grim for the party until Luthien remembered the turkey bone she was still carrying from the jailbreak. After a successful distraction waving the bone around the dog became increasingly interested in her possesion which she proceeded to throw in the thick of the haze. While the dog charged in, however, one of the now belligerent soldiers found his way out & gave chase. As the party dove in to the cellar they barred the door behind them with winebarrels & prepared for a physical confrontation. As the door was broken down Luthien struck a glancing blow across the assailants temple while Kiki hit low & hard with her brass knuckles. By then a servant had found them & stashed them in a hidden room within a closet of the mansion while the angered mercenaries were paid & given false information leading them away from the home. The crew was then escorted by an odd & certainly unique individual, Eliasar- one of the few remaining Dragon Shamans in the world. Friar then revealed himself & congratulated them for passing all his tests, stating that the mercenaries were but for show, to throw doubt that he could be involved with such an event.

The rest was short-lived though, as one of Wild-Eye’s lieutenants, Garret, showed up demanding an extortion fee from Friar via flaming arrow through a window. The team leapt [literally in the case of Nale] in to action, vaulting over each other & jumping into open combat with Garret. Their actions were rewarded by several readied attacks, bringing the bard to a very low health while damaging the Shaman also. Garret proved to be quite cunning to his own credit. Rather than rely on strength he used his speed to dodge most physical attacks that were thrown his way. In fact, it was an excellent plan until its flaw made itself known: Team Sorcerer, Kiki. After sitting back & watching her new friends get lacerated long enough she casually reached up one diminutive finger & said a single word. “Burn.” A Coppery-blue line of fire shot from her hand & made direct contact with Garret, whom quickly burst in to flames all over. The impact of the attack was so powerful that the surounding lawn & statues were set ablaze as well.

After the brigand’s charred remains cooled the team found few trophies to commemorate their first combat with. A pair of worn boots with what appeared to be an enchant, a collection of humming stones, and a dulled longsword. Small tokens for a lesson hard learned.


That was a really fun first adventure. Do you need me to write some lore up on Dragon Shamen?


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