Slaves, Strays, and Prison Breaks


In the first Adventure, out PC’s met each other through quite a stressing circumstance. Nale, the Bard was returning from a mission off the mainland with a crew of sailors. When stepping off the harbor docks in Laketown he was ambushed by two seemingly drunken brutes in a back alley. A young halfling girl Kiki came upon the tussle & after spying for a bit joined in the assistance of Nale. After Evoking some Dancing Lights, Nale & Kike were able to escape the southern end of Laketown & headed north to the Civil District. There they met a humble busker, Luthien who was selling homemade pot holders & mittens she was knitting.

While the three of them talked they were apprehended by city guards & the two men from the alley fight who demanded they be arrested. Nale & Luthien tried to protest but it was no use. They were all brought in for distinct charges; Nale for casting magic within city limits while being unsanctioned, Kiki for being [much to the surprise of her new friends] a runaway slave girl from the brothel, and Luthien for begging, loitering, & being an unlicensed mercenary.

While in prison waiting for interrogation, the three formally introduced themselves & discussed there present circumstances. They were then introduced to politician from the House of Men namedMarcus Friar who revealed they had been each been attacked, sabotaged, deterred from court & arrested due to his own devices. He explained the charges brought to them [while genuine] were easily waved & forgotten with a few bribes & favors. He explained that he was in need of some adventurers to be his ’’invisible men’’ & as a noble there were activities he wished to perform but could not be caught doing.

He gave them a simple proposal: as a test of their skills they would escape the prison together as well as rescue a Rogue from the bottom floors named Vermez. They would then make there way to a rendezvous with Friar where he would explain in further detail their first assignment, the arrest or execution of [[Wild-Eye]] Jon Bowyer.

After reaching the dungeon level of the prison & locating Vermez, the party was caught between fighting the jailors & city guards back up the stairs to the main entrance, or forcing open a grate to escape down a sewage channel to the river. They chose the later & amidst rocks & arrows being fired into the river after them successfully escaped with their new cohort & completing their first mission.



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